Salman Khan Biography

Salman khan is one of the Bollywoods biggest super star. He is the son of actor and script writer Saleem khan. He is not only an actor, he is also a producer and popular television program host. His twitter account says that he is a "Film actor, artist, painter, humanitarian".

Family Information

Salmans full name : Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan
Father : Saleem khan
Mother : Sushila Charak
Step Mother : Helen(Actress)
Brothers : Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan
He has 2 sisters : Alvira Khan, Arpitha Khan
Popular Item dancer and actress Malaika Arora is Sister in law
Atul Agni hotri is the brother in law.
Even though he follows Islam religion, He was never presented himself as only Islam beliver. He also selebrates Ganesh festival in his house.


Rijiju(2016-08-02) : Salman is shown broke down to tears on Rajshri's Rajjat Barjatya's funeral. This shows how great he is. A person who is a true model for "being human"! Also, There is a news that Mr. Khan called Akshay kumar as true bollywood sultan. And Akshay said with respect "I think it's his greatness that he said something like this. How large-hearted guy he is. See I did MMA in 'Brothers', but uski chal gayi and he is the real Sultan"

Abhishek(2016-06-21) : Salmans remarked on difficulty of stunt sequences in Sultan as "I felt like a raped woman" and this resulted in huge uproar from media and human rights activists. Even, National Commission for Women has demanded an apology for this blunt statement. Immediately after that, India today reports that the super star said "I shouldn't have".

David(2016-06-10) : Now the news is on rounds stating that Salman Khan and Arijit controversy is caused by Aditya Chopra! It was a decision by creative dept to drop Arijits song from Sultan film. Also, Salman khan himself tweeted a link to download Sultan the game. There is also a report in India today stating that long back Salman Khan slapped Ranbir Kapoor in full public view! Dont know whether it is true or not!

Raj(2016-06-01) : Super star Salman khans 2 rakhi sisters Arpita and Alvira have returned from their holidays with baby Akhil. And, "baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai" from Sultan film is becoming super hit. Another news is Mika rubbishes all rumors in between him and Salman.

Anil(2016-05-24) : Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma film Sultan's trailor will be released by Salman himself on IPL 2016 cricket show Extra Innings T20! Feels good..! Also, Hindustan Times interview says that the bollywood sultan has nothing in his head about his marriage! He also said "While some reports suggest that I will get married on my birthday (December 27), some others say it will happen in October. All those reporters who are writing this stuff should just quit journalism if it (the marriage) doesn’t happen, because all these stories are false.".

Anjali Sharma(2016-05-18) : Seems that Lulia vuntur has got more security because of being Salman khan would-be! Also deccan chronicles reports that the Salman Khan - Lulia Vuntur marriage date is probably fixed on December 27 which is Salman khans 51st birthday this year!

Anu(2016-05-13) : In the hit-and-run case of 2002, One of the victim Niyamath Sheikh has approached supreme court questioning the release of Ek tha tiger star Salman. This is probably for compensation reasons.

Raj(2016-05-12) : Now Salmans mother seems to have accepted lulia as daughter-in-law, there seems to be no more barriers for Sultans marriage. HT paper also posted that, lulia was seen with Salmans family recently.

Anil(2016-05-10) : Happy news for Salman khan fans here. It seems Romanian TV anchor Iulia Vantur will be his choice for ending his bachelorship! Yes. Rumors indicate that Salman has decided to marry Iulia Vantur his long time close girl friend. Hope it happens this time.

Raj(2016-05-09) : Hey, Salman is my hero. He is the honest, blunt and intelligent macho man of Bollywood film land.

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